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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 3, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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a pilot by the terrorist group ieses. the jordanian government indicates it has killed two prinkers including this one. she was convicted for being part of a deadly hotel bombing by al qaeda in 2005 and was hanged with -- with a top aide in a prison south of amman. the executions come one day after the terrorist group release the horrific murder of a jordanian pile who was burned to death as he stood confined in a cage. he was shot down over syria in december. in washington tuesday president obama met with jordan's king abdullah to discuss the global threat posed by islamic extremists. >> it's just one more indication of the viciousness and bar
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bearity of this organizations. and it will redouble the vigilance and determination on the part of a global coalition to make sure that they are degraded and ultimately defeated. and it also just indicates the degree to which whatever ideology they are operating off of it's bankrupt. >> and here in new york the scene of a deadly commuter train accident at the height of the evening hush hour. this happened in the town of vahalla just north of new york. it careened into an suv that had gotten stuck at a railroad crossing. six people were killed aboard the train and the driver of the suv. the remaining passengers, hundreds of them were evacuated through the train's emergency
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exits. metro north is the nation's second busiest railroad. this is the deadliest accident. >> this comes as there's been another disaster this one occurring in taiwan. this was an airplane flight. official tell us here there that a taiwan flight with 53 passengers airborne clipped that bridge as you can see shortly after take off and crashed into a shallow river. the latest report from the scene is that at least eight people have been killed in this crash. rescuers had to use rubber boats to try to get to the victims. it is not yet known whether all the victims have been removed from the wreckage. it's about 100 yards from the shore of a river there. the flight from taipei to an outlying island lost contact with air controllers before it went down. it that airliner we're told was a french made turbo prop.
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it has a crew of two pilots. >> a lot going on here. >> stay tuned now for handity up next on the fox news channel. lly orchestrated media rollout. look closely at this image released by isis exactly seven days allege. it shows the japanese hostage kenji goto who was also executed holding a photo showing the pilot in the same cage where he was burned to death in the video. as crowds filled with anger and anguish swelled the streets of the capital amman, jordan there's little doubt the stakes are being raised for the remaining hostages including at least one american. >> the president already ordered his team to devote all of the available resources that we have to try to locate anybody but particularly americans, who are being held hostage by isil. >> tonight fox news is reviewing these tweets that claim the jordanian by lot was paraded
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through streets and executed days later. that is why they insisted on a proof of life before any swap took place. sean? >> catherine herridge in washington, thank you very much. author of foreign and domestic, retired brigadier general anthony tata the author of "foreign and domestic." general, let me start with you. in a few hours, jordan will be executing isis prisoners they have in custody, as revenge. they're saying it directly. while we here in america have been releasing terrorists caught on the battlefield back into the states from which they come from, many of them returning to battle. what is the difference that you
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see here? >> sean, great to be with you. i think the main difference is in that part of the world, the eye for an eye culture, and i think all the panelists would agree who have spent time there the eye for an eye culture really dominates there. plus, the jordanian capital punishment law may be coming into play here as well. but let's remember what this is all about. isis is thinking strategically, and they're trying to fracture the coalition by killing this brave young fighter pilot in this most barbaric way. so they burned him at the stake. and they're trying to pressure king abdullah to break away from the coalition. this is a very tactical action that is having strategic impact putting pressure on king abdullah. and this is his decision, to make, and this is how he reacts. >> i think it's the right decision. you know, let me ask you, michael waltz, look at the history of isis. they torture, beheaded
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executed, crucified they stone victims, and now they want to take it one step further. and on top of that they use this highly produced video with multiple cameras to show the world their evil and brutality. is it just to send a message, or is there something else behind this? >> sean, look this was propaganda pure and simple. and it was brilliance on their part. they forced the jordanian government to kind of go out on a limb for this hostage exchange. knowing all along that they weren't going to execute it. and knowing that they had already executed their pilot. so what they're doing is they're negotiating now with the islamic state as both monarchies, and a key u.s. ally. there was no coincidence that the video was released while he was here in washington. no coincidence this was timed with many of their other
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actions. this is a global war that we're in. whether it's the taliban killing kids at an elementary school in pakistan, or isis conducting this heinous act. we need to realize, and our leader and our president needs to tell the american people that this isn't the longest war that's almost over. we're only -- it's only the beginning. we're 13 years into a 100-year effort. >> max, let me go to you if i can. the president in an interview just this past weekend said that 99.9% of muslims are looking for the same thing that we're looking for, order peace and prosperity. one has to wonder, is the president paying attention to what's happening in afghanistan and pakistan, and saudi arabia and syria and libya, and somalia, sudan for starters? is the president disconnected from the reality of what is going on in the world? >> i think there's no question, sean, that most muslims do want a peaceful and prosperous life. the problem is, there's a
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significant minority of extremists who have other ideas. and who are trying to at gun point, at sword point and using any means necessary to create the kind of state that we saw the taliban create in afghanistan prior to 9/11. that's what isis is all about. and, you know nice words from the white house about how this is a per investigation of islam, all that stuff is meaningless. we have to be able to meet this threat with the appropriate response. that hasn't happened yet. all we really get right now are condemnations of the brutal barbaric, evil actions of isis. those are appropriate. but if they're not backed up, it's just empty verbage. after six months of bombing of syria and iraq isis has been able to increase its area of control. they've actually been able to replace their losses. they supposedly lost something like 6,000 of their fighters to american air power. but they're getting 1,000 fighters every single month.
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this group is growing, the threat is growing. and we still don't have an adequate response beyond simply condemning what they're doing. >> joining us now, the navy s.e.a.l. who killed osama bin laden, rob o'neil, is back on the program. rob, i always thought it was a mistake that we did not show the dead body of osama bin laden. you were one of the few people that did see it. the president's rationale, he didn't want to inflame tensions in the muslim world. they have no problems doing it to us. to try and intimidate, use terror, put fear in the hearts of people worldwide. would it have been better if we showed that body? >> sean thanks for having me. it's always great to be here. like i said before, we didn't need to show the american -- or the entire world the picture of osama bin laden being -- or his dead body. simply because it would have been something we were sort of spiking the football. we don't need to be there. yes, they're willing to do this to us. but we are better than they are. they'll try to prove we don't
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need that. >> let me go back to general tata, for a second, if i can. i content the muslim world has to be front and center in this battle. now, we see, for example, king abdullah of jordan he's now engaged in the fight. he joined the early coalition was the second partner to join on with us. we hear the words of general al cici in egypt. don't we need saudi arabia to get offce and stop playing both sides? don't we need these other quote, supposedly more moderate muslim countries to stand up against radicalism, the hijacking of this religion and don't they need to fight the radicals themselves? >> i agree. we do need the -- our friends in the muslim world to get onboard. i think this will help with --
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the execution of the pilot. hopefully this is not just a three-day protest. this will bring jordan to the front and we need saudi arabia to get there as well. >> general tata? if i could go to you. king abdullah has joined the coalition. you have al cici confronting imams saying they've got to do a better job of taking back their religion. they're probably risking their lives by doing so. so my question to you is, very clearly, does it have to start there? >> it does. and there are several elements of power economic diplomatic military, et cetera. this is where diplomatic power really comes into play. and so we need state department we need the president, we need all elements of power coming to bear against those arab nations, in that region that are not part of this coalition, that are
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not taking the lead as you say. and that's the importance of jordan, they're 95% sunni muslim. and frankly, isis is 100% sunni muslim. and that is the beauty what king abdullah did, by taking a leadership position, he's leading sunni muslims against sunni muslims and leading by example. saudi arabia needs do that. all of the arab nations in that area need to do that. sort of like secretary baker did for the first gulf war. that kind of coalition needs to come to bear against this very potent threat that we face. and it's a threat that america's concerned about, and they're not junior varsity, they are very serious threat. >> this is not the jv team. michael, let me go back to you. savannah guthrie interviewed the president during the super bowl. and she talked about how the fact that isis and these radicals have gained more territory since obama's plan of the air strikes has begun.
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i'm going to put up on the screen if i can here a map of the area of influence of the cities that are controlled by isis in iraq and syria. by the way most of that territory we had conquered and we had defeated, and they took it from us back going early last summer and early last spring. if you look at the second map from the institute from the study of war it shows the expanse of radicalism in africa in the middle east. the president's answer was, that's not accurate. how can the president -- here's a reality of territory, where we see the absolute expansion of radical islamists and the president denied in this interview it was even happening. how do we deal with a problem if you can't recognize it? >> sean listen for your viewers, we are at war, radical islam is at war with us. and just as it took us years and decades and generations to defeat the ideology of nazism,
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the ideology of communism, we are now at war with the hardest thing in the world to defeat, and that's an idea and an ideology. destroying a tank sinking an aircraft carrier, that's relatively easy in destroying an idea. this will take multiple generations. again, we need leadership from the united states in this coalition. i think you're absolutely right in that our moderate arab allies, like the united arab emirates, like jordan, and like egypt need, not only our leadership, but they need our support. we can't forget why the king was here today. he was here to talk to members of congress, to get more in the way of bombs, fuel training support, and other things that it needs. we can't on the one hand ask them to lead, but then on the other hand not stand with them. we have to stand with our allies. >> all right. guys, thank you all for being with us. really appreciate it. the islamic state is not islamic, how did the president come up with that. and oh by the way, they're not
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gaining ground. these things are just not true. coming up, the president met with king abdullah earlier this evening in the oval office. a live report is coming up next. jordan vows lethal revenge just a few hours away it could come at any moment. when it does, we'll bring it to you, according to the associated press, jordan will execute their al qaeda prisoners at dawn. and later tonight -- disturbing video of jewish students being heckled at the university of california davis. we'll show you that video and more straight ahead on this busy news night. shopping online is as easy as it gets. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers, carpenters and even piano tuners were just as simple? thanks to angie's list now it is. start shopping online from a list of top-rated providers. visit today. i'm not sick. i'm not sick.
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>> it under scores, the necessary of a meeting between king of jordan and the
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president. the president expresses the condolences for the loss of life from that pilot. >> it's just one more indication of the viciousness and barbarity of this organization and i think it will be redouble the vigilance and determination on the part of global coalition to make sure that they are degraded and ultimately defeated. and it also just indicates the degree to which whatever ideology they are operating off of, it's bankrupt. . jordan had sought a swap of that particular man, that pilot with an rauki -- iraqi militant who participated in the suicide
10:20 pm
bombing that killed 60 jordanians. the spokesman for the king tonight said jordan's response would be earth shaking and that could begin with several executions at dawn. >> thanks, kevin. my next guest also met with jordan's king abdullah today. he served as a commander are of s.e.a.l. team six. congressman ryan zekes join us right now. you want a congressional authorization for the use of force and your args is that the president's strategy of air strikes alone is will not work? >> it will not work and you've heard the president's dments. he has yet to see the words islamic terrorist organizations. first we have to identify what we're fighting separated from mainstream and yes it will
10:21 pm
take troops on the ground in the form of logistics medical supplies, ammunition fuel, and special operations forces. this is not new. air operations alone will not be effective against isis. >> i want to first go back to the map that i showed in the last segment congressman. the president was asked very specifically. he was told that isis has gained territory. this is a map of the area of influence. we had control of most of that territory when he became president of the united states. isis has since taken it over and they have taken it over in syria as well. then we have the institute for study of war showing northwest africa, somalia kenya, al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, all of these areas controlled by isis since january of 2015. then the president makes this comment and i want to play this for our audience here where he says 99.9% of muslims want
10:22 pm
exactly what we want. do you agree with this? this is what he said. >> this is an element growing out of muslim communities in certain parts of the world that have perverted the religion, have embraced annihilistic violent, almost medieval interpretations of islam. the overwhelming majority reject that interpretation of islam. they don't even recognize it as islam. it's better for us to align ourselves with the 99.9% of muslim who are looking for the same thing. >> is the president not familiar with sharia law, values that are the anti thesis of values we have in this country? is he missing that. >> i think he's in denial.
10:23 pm
he can't say the words, even the king of jordan can say this is a battle between islam and our duty as a leader of the free nation is to show strength and resolve. we have to separate the radical islam organization from mainstream islam. when jordan steps up and the world is now looking at jordan leading, where are we? where is this administration? >> agreed. you spoke to the king today. tell us about that conversation through the prism that you believe that america has to be willing to put boots on the ground? in what capacity and what did the king say? >> you know, basically he arctic cue latd it is a water between islam and islam. but we can as their alie provide substantial assistance. that's fuel, weapons, and expertise. it takes people with skills, especially forces to direct our air to the right targets. it takes blocking forces. it takes embedded you know, soldiers. so u.s. needs to take the lead
10:24 pm
in providing the support necessary for the tribes, the kurds. >> so the king is right though, the king is saying without america's expertise and technology, not necessary boots on the ground in battle without us providing that support being we can't push them back from that territory of the map i just showed? >> well, immediately we need to provide fuel, bombs, weaponry and assistance, targeting data. it's very difficult to find targeting data when you don't have boots on the ground and you are doing everything from the air. so, yeah they need help but also the u.s. -- the world is looking to the u.s. to lead. how ironic now is that jordan is now in the leadership position. >> how ironic and if the king is willing -- really probably putting his life on the line as is general asissi by confronting radical islamists in egypt we
10:25 pm
should support them in their fight so we don't have to go. >> i agree. it is about getting the sunnies to fight and the kurds but certainly we can help substantially. >> thank you for being with us. >> god bless. >> and for more reaction former new mexico governor and former ambassador to the u.n. bill richardson is with us. the president's strategy when you look at that map, it's not working. so do you agree with what the congressman is suggesting is that if king abdullah and general asissi if they are willing to fight that fight, should we give them the assistance they need to win? >> yes. i don't think boots on the ground right now, but i think the first thing the congress should do a very broad authorization of conflict that provides all means necessary of fuel, ammunition. what they need is air-to-ground missiles, that's what jordan
10:26 pm
needs. what's happened too this is a major miscalculation by isis what they did. i watched that video. i was horrified, but i think the miscalculation is this. they have turned jordan into a huge tiger. i mean, jordan was part of the coalition. >> governor if i can interrupt you. we have some breaking news. the ap is reporting that jordan has executed two of the prisoners after isis killed this jordanian pilot. compare what they are doing and there might be more killed within the hour, compare how they are reacting to the killing versus how president obama has released all of the terrorists that we captured, that were held at gitmo and many of them have gone back into the battlefield. don't you think that's been a mistake? >> no. no. >> no? no! >> we realizedberg dal. we got him back. he's a military man.
10:27 pm
>> he's released dozens and dozens of others. >> sean what has happened with this horrific act of isis. i think you are going to see a great provocation by other countries besides jordan. i think you are going to see the saudis, with turkey, what they have done with the execution of this young pilot is they have enraged the tribes in the surrounding area the religious imams because it is related to the project mohammed and i think what is going to happen with jordan is a huge, huge military effort. they are going to need more -- >> the president won't even admit that the islamic state is islamic. he won't say the words radical islam. under his watch, 4,000 americans died and all of that territory was taken by isis in iraq. the blood the limbs that have
10:28 pm
lost by americans he allowed that to happen. he's released prisoners to go back into the battlefield, two of the taliban five have been released. don't you think this president needs to finally step up and recognize the simple truth that radical islam is an enemy of western civilization and the united states? doesn't he need to say those words? look at how jordan is reacting today. >> well i think we need more than words. >> say it. that's a good start. >> we need a u.s. led effort, a coalition effort. there's over 60 countries. thses going to countries. those countries like jordan like saudi arabia, like turkey, i think are going to get motivated. muslims have been killed. this hasn't happened before in such a brutal fashion. i think you are going to see a new dynamic and the utilizes i
10:29 pm
believe is -- utilizes united states is leading. >> we need to be more like jordan. jordan he's you -- says you kill one of us we're going to make you pay and pay dearly. what do we do we take the hardened terrorists treat them like kings and queens in prison and send them back into the battlefield to kill more people. that is madness to me. you don't see that as madness? >> the key is give jordan, give our allies give us the air strike we need. have congress pass an authorization. >> isis is continuing to expand. >> the logistics, the fuel, the ammunition dnk. >> i agree with you there. >> bipartisan of both parties, happy. air-to-ground missiles for jordan. f 16s that when he need. >> he sat back and allowed this to happen, because he's afraid to say radical islamic terrorist. the official government position on ft. hood today is workplace
10:30 pm
violence. he seems paralyzed by islam and radical islamists. >> a strong majority of the islamic world is against isis, sean, and it's going to get worse now and it's good for us for the coalition. >> i got to go. it's sad when the king of jordan and the general running egypt seem more courageous than our president. but that's not good. after isis burned alive the 26-year-old jordanian hostage, his country vows revenge and it has come tonight. we'll check with lieutenant colonels alan west and ralph peters. plus, tonight. shocking video, jewish students taunted at the university of california davis. my name is micha
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welcome back to "hannity." this is a fox news alert. the a.p. is reporting that jordan has executed two prisoners in the wake of isis burning alive the 26-year-old jordanian pilot. you're looking at new video of the convoy carrying prisoners in jordan. joining me now lieutenant colonel allen west, and fox news strategic analyst colonel ralph peters. colonel west, they seem to be taking this seriously. and sending a message that there will be dire and severe and quick retribution for any attack against any jordanian. that does not seem to be the american position. >> no, you're absolutely right. in the previous segment you had with governor richardson pointed that out. it was interesting that after the massacre and attacks in paris, france the united states responds, was to send secretary of state john kerry, and james taylor to serenade the parisians.
10:34 pm
what the jordanians understand is they were basically being lied to by isis. we now know that the jordanian pilot had been killed back in january, that this was all a ruse. this was not something, this hostage exchange was not in good faith. the only way you can deal with savage barbaric animals is to be tough and ruthless. and that is something that general el-sisi understands in egypt, that benjamin netanyahu understands and king abdullah understands. the one thing all three have in common you have an aborn commando that leads israel a special officer that leads jordan, and a former egyptian military general that leads in egypt. they understand the enemy and how you have to fight them. >> colonel peters, i certainly agree with what colonel west is saying. but under the president, they doubled their territory, isis has in syria, held on to mosul and fallujah and other territories around iraq. the president actually denied
10:35 pm
this weekend that that's happened. >> sean the terrorists who burned that young man alive -- >> it's horrible to see. it is horrible to watch. >> -- those parents are the people the democrats and president don't want to waterboard. you heard it with governor richardson, the refusal to understand the reality on the ground. i hear so much hogwash today. saying it's an act of desperation on the part of the islamic state. no, it was a brilliant recruiting video. and islamic state those guys who burned that young man alive they're having the time of their lives. just kind of violence is captivating, exhilarating thrilling to these guys. it's never going to get better for them than this. they have power now. they can exert their will over others. this is better than the best sex they've had and easier on the goats. >> what should america's role be from here? colonel peters?
10:36 pm
>> well, america needs to get serious. more hogwash i'm hearing about is, well the jordanian army is an unleashed tiger now watch out. the jordanian army's primary purpose is to keep the king op the throne. although the jordanians are the best of them, but they're hollow. they can't do this without us. the saudis are terrified to go into yemen because despite the equipment they've bought from us billions and billions of dollars worth, they fear they will show up as a hollow force. the president's false choice between air power or hundreds of thousands of soldiers on the ground, that's absolute bull. there's something in the middle there. we need a limited number of boots on the ground for a limited time. they don't have to stay. but you go in you kill the guys, you leave. you go back kill them again. but my god, isis is taking over the middle east, and our president, as you observed,
10:37 pm
can't even say islamist terror. >> if you're just joining us, jordan has executed two isis prisoners, and it is expected they may be executing more. we'll have the very latest details when we come back. also coming up tonight president obama is slated to sit down with american muslim leaders tomorrow. does he have the courage to demand that they publicly denounce radical islamists? i tend to doubt it. two muslim leaders will join us next. we're awaiting the lethal revenge by jordan. two people have killed tonight. ♪ welcome to the most social car we've ever designed. the all-new nissan murano.
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10:43 pm
and national security. during that meeting will our commander in chief will he have the courage to demand that they publicly speak out and denounce radical islamists. joining us with reaction, indianapolis area imam muhammad sadick. guys, i want to show you muslim students at the university of california-davis shouting ala hu akbar at jewish students. i want you to listen to this and i have a question for you both. imam, those were the words that were uttered on the planes on 9/11, 2011. those are the words that were uttered at ft. hood. those were the words uttered at charlie"charlie hebdo" and other attacks. you have ignorant american radical islamic sympathizers on
10:44 pm
college campuses. my question to you is, this is being done in the name of your religion, in the name of islam. why don't more people speak out in your religion, your faith, and say, you denounce radicalism, you denounce the killing in the name of allah? why don't we hear more of that? >> are you speaking to me? >> yes sir. >> in god's name, the redeemer. first of all, i have spoken out every opportunity that i've been given a chance. and the majority of the muslims that i know will speak out and continue to speak out. >> on this program you wouldn't condemn hamas that -- >> i'm still not going to condemn them, i'm not going to give in to the politics of israel and hamas. >> hamas is a terror group and you won't admit it. >> there are problems in israel. i'm not going there. my point is right now, i'm condemning any senseless killing of innocent people regardless of
10:45 pm
who they are. >> is isis a terrorist group? >> isis is a terrorist group. >> they're islamic -- >> i'm not going to -- you can't -- i'm not going to give them the title of islamic. they're a terrorist group. they're a terrorist group. >> it's islamic, not jewish, it's not buddhist it's islamic. >> when the robber knocks on the door and you ask who is it he doesn't say i'm a robber come to rob your house he's going to say something nice. that's what isis does. >> mike? >> yes sir? >> your reaction. >> well isis is a terrorist group. and i think president obama should give them the ultimatum that you have three days to surrender, if not we'll bomb the crap out of you, and we need to wipe them out completely.
10:46 pm
i think we need to get them out. >> so the muslim world should go to war against al qaeda against isis, islamic jihad, hamas, hezbollah, boko haram? the muslim world needs to lead this fight. mike, you agree? >> i fully agree with you. because they are more dangerous to muslims than anybody else. and i think they're standing in the name of our religion. >> good for you. good for you. and the president should admit that radical islam exists. mike? >> sean, i'm a muslim. if you call radical muslim, i am not. 99% of muslims are -- there are these idiots out there less than >> i don't think it is 99%. look around the world. if you look at saudi arabia and
10:47 pm
afghanistan, pakistan, syria, union, libya, somalia iran, it's more than 99% that live in a very radical society. >> sean most people are mod ral people. >> moderate? women can't drive in saudi arabia. >> but that is a saudi arabian problem. >> it's done in the name of islam. >> i agree. they're doing it in the name of islam. we should fight this out. >> thank you guys. if president bush were still in office, how would he respond to the latest isis video. and jordan has responded to isis. they have executed in the last 30 minutes, two prisoners, including the female al qaeda prisoner. we'll have more on the very latest right here on fox news.
10:48 pm
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and this is a fox news alert. jordan responded to isis burning alive the jordanian fighter fielt, jordan retaliated, executing two prisoners including the female al qaeda prisoner. this is a wrath in syria and a map. this is all territory that
10:53 pm
america was victorious in winning over. that since obama has been president has gotten in the control of isis. why is that? why do we let that happen? 4,000 americans died in that conflict? >> well, failure of president obama to bring about an agreement leaving behind a residual force of americans much as we did after world war ii in europe after we did in south korea. that the president deliberately sabotaged negotiations by demanding the government of iraq give parliamentary approval at a time when it was impossible to do so. we would have had air assets, ground assets and intelligence assets. >> we could have prevented this from happening? >> we could have prevented the
10:54 pm
isis in iraq. >> i tip my hat to king abdullah and the quick response to the brutality of what they did to the jordanian pilot. compare that to releasing terrorists into the battlefield compare and contrast to a president that can't admit radical islam exists . >> i met king abdullah. he's a tough, clear-eyed realist. our president is not. i was taken aback by the the cnn interview. the president said terror groups were not quote a threat to the united states, or the world order. >> of course they are. when the president went on with the green lipped glowsel on you tube he said we have ended
10:55 pm
responsively two wars really? this is the end of the war in iraq? there is no more war in iraq going on? does the president think the same thing will happen if he pursues the same policy in afghanistan? when f.he refuses to do what the afghans want? >> huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know words really can hurt you? what...? jesse don't go!! i'm sorry daisy, but i'm a loner. and a loner gotta be alone. heee yawww! geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. jesse? every truck can tow a boat. every truck can climb a hill. every truck can haul a trailer. but not everyone can say
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two two prisoners including a woman


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